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Why to choose Mathematics Optional and not something else?

Toppers Talk: Siddharth Jain AIR-13 in IAS and IFoS Examinations 2015

Why did you choose Mathematics Optional?

Interesting Subject for Many.It is a very Objective Optional the answers you write in this paper will never depend on the Perspective of the Paper checker and Thirdly the paper syllabus is static, it doesn’t change year to year.

Strategy used while preparing Mathematics Optional?

First be at par with all the other students then focus on certain subjects that can boost your rank; the other things that should be in you is proper time management, proper dedication and good direction in which you study.
So for this examination what i did was i made GS Paper-IV, Essay and Mathematics as the papers in which i wanted to boost my rank, So this was my over all strategy in the framework of continuity and time management and Hard work.

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