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Mathematics Optional Classroom Programme

Best Mathematics Optional Coaching for UPSC Mains

IMS4Maths is the best UPSC coaching for Maths Optional in India that has been delivering best results in the UPSC Exam. We help to prepare students for Maths Optional for UPSC CSE exam through our comprehensive classes for Maths Optional.

Our UPSC Maths Optional Classes offer support of expert UPSC Faculty with years of experience. With dedicated guidance and top study material for Maths optional we ensure that every student performs at its level best in the civil services examination.

2nd APRIL 2024

maths optional upsc cse

Mathematics Optional Classroom Programme To Boost Your Marks in UPSC Exam

We at IMS4Maths are excited to launch our classroom programmes for UPSC Mathematics Optional to effectively cover the complex syllabus of Mathematics optional for UPSC with conceptual understanding of each and every topic.

These programmes are available in both offline classroom and online mode to tackle the needs of all types of students who have chosen Mathematics as optional in UPSC CSE.

  • Live Interactive Maths Classes
  • Offline Classroom Programme for Maths
  • Included with Test Series for Maths Optional
  • Frequent Sessions for Doubt Solving
  • Comprehensive Coverage of Syllabus
  • Based on the Latest UPSC CSE Pattern
  • With top Study Material for Maths
  • Flexible Timings for Classes


Regular and Weekend Batch Time Table for All Centres:

7:00 am to 9:30 am -will be announced- -will be announced-
11:15 am to 1:45 pm -do- -do-
2:15 pm to 4:45 pm -do- -do-
Fast Track 5:15 pm Onwards -do- -do-

* To cater the needs of students, occasionally IMS is conducting special batches with one chapter programme (efficiently) from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on Friday

Exclusively for All Centres:

  • It is compulsory for regular student (non-working) to attend 7 days classes.
  • Student may attend multiple batches. (If classroom space is available and with prior permission)
  • Can study multiple chapters simultaneously (If interested).
  • Complete your syllabus at your own pace.
  • Convenience of choosing flexible timings to balance your GS preparation.
  • You will have enough time in hand for self-study after syllabus completion.
  • Different topics in each batch.
  • To Know About Special Fast Track Batch

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For Any Query Please Contact Us- 011-45629987, 9999197625

Our Best Courses for UPSC Maths Optional Preparation in India

At IMS4Maths, we offer premier UPSC Mathematics Optional Courses. These courses cover the entire syllabus comprehensively and include dedicated test series. Specifically designed crash course for Mathematics optional subject are available.

Our Newly launched UPSC Maths Optional courses are crafted to simplify your preparation process and aid in your journey towards success in the civil services examination.

The complete details of our Maths Optional Courses for UPSC 2024-25 are given below:-

  • Maths Optional Crash Course:- This crash course for Maths Optional UPSC is designed for students who have already covered the syllabus once and are now looking for revision and practice to boost their marks in the exam.
  • Maths Optional Fast Track Course:- IMS4Maths has launched this Fast Track Course for Maths Optional to cover the entire syllabus of Maths optional UPSC in a limited time frame so that you don’t miss any topics along with getting in depth understanding.
  • Maths Optional Foundation Course:- It’s a regular Classroom programme for Maths Optional subject specially designed for students who are preparing for the subject for the very first time. In this course we start from the basics and take you till the advanced level.

Maths Optional Test Series:- IMS4Maths have designed the best test series for Maths Optional to help students practice exam relevant questions based on the latest UPSC syllabus and under the similar circumstances as there in the real UPSC Exam.

Frequently Asked Questions- 

Which UPSC Coaching Provides Best Mathematics Optional Classroom Programme in Delhi?

IMS4Maths is the top choice for UPSC Mathematics Optional coaching in Delhi. Their classroom programs are fantastic for students preparing for the UPSC exam. The teaching there is excellent, making Maths simpler to understand. They focus a lot on practice and help students grasp difficult concepts easily.

Which Institute is Best for Mathematics Optional Preparation Online?

IMS4Maths emerges as the ideal institute for Mathematics Optional Preparation owing to its specialized guidance by experienced tutors, comprehensive course coverage, practical test series for skill enhancement, personalized support with doubt-clearing sessions, and a track record of successful candidates attributing their achievements to the institute’s effective preparation methods.

How to Select the Best Mathematics Optional Coaching for UPSC?

For the best Mathematics Optional coaching for UPSC, consider IMS4Maths. They boast expert faculty specialized in UPSC Mathematics, a comprehensive syllabus coverage, a successful track record with past candidates, personalized attention to address individual needs, and a supportive learning atmosphere, making IMS4Maths a strong choice for effective preparation.

How Much Time Does Mathematics as an Optional for the UPSC Takes to Complete?

The time required to complete Mathematics as an optional subject for UPSC varies based on individual pace and prior familiarity with the subject. Typically, with dedicated and consistent effort, covering the mathematics syllabus for UPSC could take around 6-8 months. Efficient time management and regular practice play key roles in mastering UPSC Mathematics Optional.

How is UPSC Maths Optional Course by IMS4Maths different from Others?

The UPSC Maths Optional Course by IMS4Maths stands out due to several unique features:

  • Specialized Faculty
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Personalized Attention
  • Supportive Environment
  • Updated Study Material
  • Regular Mock Tests

The combination of these features sets the UPSC Maths Optional Course by IMS4Maths apart from others, making it a standout choice for aspirants preparing for UPSC.

IMS provides India’s best Mathematics optional classroom programme for the UPSC IAS/IFoS Exam. Join Now to crack the upcoming UPSC Maths Optional examination under the guidance of K. Venkanna. Join IMS Advance Mains Maths Optional Test Series for UPSC


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