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Students Feedback

Feed Back of Our Successful Students: Here Are Some Feedbacks From Our Prominent Students


Students Feedback 1  MANISHA RANA , RANK – 67

I am Manisha Rana, I have secured rank 67 in CSE -2018. i want to thank K.Venkanna Sir and IMS for the entire material, Test Series, guidance and support without which this would not have been possible..       Click Here to View Complete Message

Students Feedback 2

I am G. Rohith. I have done my B.E in Computer Science Engineering from BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. I Secured AIR-35 in Indian Forest Service Exam 2017. I had enrolled into class room programme of IMS (Institute of Mathematical Sciences) under guidance of K. Venkanna Sir.Read more.

Students Feedback 3

I am Mani Agarwal. I scored Rank 126 in CSE 2016 with Maths as my optional subject in my second attempt. I want to thank IMS Test Series for the high marks I scored as compared to t he first attempt. Although I have done my post graduation in Maths I scored low marks in Maths last time and missed the final cutoff by a few marks. Then I joined IMS test series and it helped me a lot in understanding my mistakes. Weekly tests and answers are posted online. This gives the aspirant some flexibility.Read more.

Students Feedback 4

Hello, My name is Prateek Jain. I would like to thank Venkanna sir for all the guidance he gave with regard to mathematics optional. The study material provided by IMS was very helpful to cover the syllabus thoroughly and to get a good conceptual clarity on the topics. Also, the test series conducted by IMS was very effective in covering all the sub topics of the syllabus and simulating exam like conditions. Click Here to View Video

Students Feedback 5

Hello Everyone I am Dipesh Malhotra. I have done my B.Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT Roorkee. I have given Civil Services Exam and Forest Service Exam, 2016. I have got AIR 30 in Indian Forest Service Exam and waiting for my final result of CSE, 2016. I have taken coaching through classroom programme of IMS under the guidance of K. Venkanna Sir. Read More

Students Feedback 6

Hello, My name is Ashish Sangwan. I have done BTech in computer science from IIT Delhi (2003-2007). After that, I did masters in computer science from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA. Then, I worked for 4 years as a research engineer in a couple of startups. I started preparing for civil services exam in January 2013. Click Here to View Complete Message

Students Feedback 7

I am Padmanabh Baruah. I graduated in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Guwahati in 2013. I started working in an MNC after my graduation and worked there for about 5 months. After that I went home and stayed for 6 months. It was during this period that I started thinking about what career option I should undertake. After much thinking and deliberation, I came to the conclusion that I would try to get into the Indian Civil Services and it was from here that my journey for Civil Services start.Click Here to View Complete Message || Click Here to View Video

Students Feedback 8

Why Maths ? : Simply because it is the best performing optional subject in UPSC/IAS.Extremely high scoring: If you get your maths optional right then you will make it to the final list. This year one of my batch mate in IMS Click Here to View Complete Message

Students Feedback 9

I am Yogesh Kumbhejkar. I am an Electrical Engineer from IIT Bombay. I secured AIR 13 in Indian Forest Service Exam (IFoS) 2014 with Mathematics & Physics as the optional subjects. For Civil Service Exam (CSE) also, my optional is Mathematics. In IFoS exam, I scored 231/400 (118 + 113) in maths. In 2013 CSE Mains, my maths score was 250/500 (109 + 141). Hence mathematics has helped me in clearing mains in both CSE and IFoS. I was not selected in the final list of CSE 2013. In my second CSE attempt also I appeared for mains in 2014 with Maths as the optional subject. Now i am awaiting the Mains result. This article is a humble attmept to share my experience of maths optional preparation for CSE/IFoS exam. Click Here to View Complete Message || Click Here to View Video

Students Feedback 10

Hello, My name is Parth Jaiswal. I come from Jaipur, Rajasthan. I completed my graduation in Computer Science discipline from IIT Delhi in 2013. Soon afterwards I started preparing for Civil services and Indian Forest Service, aiming for the attempt of year 2014. Click Here to View Complete Message || Click Here to View Video

Students Feedback 11

I am very helpful to IMS Institute for guiding me in mathematics examination. I joined class room coaching programme and also benefitted from test series programme. I would urge students to consider IMS institute if they are thinking of taking coaching in Mathematics. Importance of Mathematics can be judged bu its high scoring opportunities when mathematics scores can make a difference of 60-80 marks as compared to other optional subjects. Click Here to View original Message

Students Feedback 12

I take this opportunity to thank Venkanna sir for his guidance and help in achieving 318 Rank in CSE 2013. Venkanna sir’s Test Series has helped ma a lot for practicing mathematics in exam like conditions. It also introduced me to various new sets of problems which are not available in standard books we refer. With proper preparation, Mathematics optional definitely has edge over other optionals. I strongly recommend mathematics as optional and venkanna Sir’s IMS Institute for Mathematics. Thank you! Click Here to View original Message

Students Feedback 13

I am grateful to Venkanna Sir for his guidance and support that immensely contributed to my preparation. I relied almost entirely on IMS Class notes for mathematics for theory as well as practicing. The Test Series gave me an opportunity to test me strengths and find weak points and practice writing answers with due steps. Venkanna Sir has also always been readily available outside the classroom to clear doubts and guide me. Mathematics, in my experience can be a very good avenue of scoring high marks if one is comfortable with it. Moreover, performance will only increase with further inputs which makes it different from many other subjects. Click Here to View original Message

Students Feedback 14

Respected Venkanna Sir, I hereby express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your cooperation and guidance throughout my civil services preparation. The meticulously designed question papers in the test series and explanation of solution thereafter helped me a lot in preparing myself for the mathematics paper in Civil Services Examination. I would be looking forward to your guidance in future as well. Click Here to View original Message

Students Feedback 15

Ramesh Ranjan (Rank: 076) IAS – 2012 Respected Venkanna Sir, I am deeply indebted to you in getting success in civil services exam – 2012 & getting AIR-76 Your proper guidence throughout the whole process helped me in analysing the weak points of my preparation.The Test Series helped me a lot only because of your meticolously designed question paper & solution set. I am also very much thankful to you for the hand written booklets for the various topics of Mathematics. I suggest students to take Maths as an optional in this new pattern for fetching good marks under the guidence of Venkanna Sir.Sir has started GS classes also, so i would advice the aspirents that they may join that class also,cause his guidence is immensly good. I will continue to look towards you in future also for any help. Thanks!

Students Feedback 16

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Students Feedback 17

My acquaintance with IMS dates back to a couple of year ago when joined the institute for the test series. During the course of the tests, I came to know about my weak areas. On Sir’s advice, I carefully browsed through his notes which indeed proved beneficial. IMS is the institute to reform with if you opt for Mathematics as an optional. Work Hard and enjoy the process! Click Here to View original Message

Students Feedback 18

I am very thankful to venkanna sir for his valuable guidance which helped me in clearing the IFoS-2013 Exam.I joined IMS Mathematics test series last year which offered me a lot of practice for UPSC Exam. Question Papers are well prepared and quite similar with the actual UPSC Exam paper in all parameters.Sir your personal guidance helped me a lot and i am grateful to you for your friendly nature which helped me to approach you any time. Click Here to View original Message

Students Feedback 19

I came to delhi for Civil Service Preparation only to choose mathematics as optional. Venkanna sir made me realised that it is best optional and helped me to prepare not only for Mathematics but other subjects too. I owe my success to sir only. Click Here to View original Message

Students Feedback 20

Respected Venkanna Sir, I owe my success in Civil Services Examination 2012 to inspiring and practical quidence of Venkanna Sir.His guidence helped in other areas of relevence to this examination as well. Regarding Mathematics as an optional, i would like to suggest that it keeps up your interest in the preperation especially for engineering and science background student besides being very scoring. Thanks!

Students Feedback 21

Pradeep Mishra (Rank: 633) IAS – 2012I am greatful to Venkanna Sir for his invaluable guidance and support immensely contributed to my success. Thank you sir for making me understand Mathematics. Thanks Pradeep Mishra Rank-633 Indian Administrative Service Exam 2012

Students Feedback 22

Ketan Bansal (Rank: 655) IAS – 2012 Test Series offered enough practice of all types of questions from each and every topic of all syllabus.Detailed solutions helped in clearing complicated concepts and gave new ways to look at the problems. Conversations with Venkanna Sir over phone were helpful in clearing doubts which arose while studying at home and it also kept me motivated. I think that the Test Series is a must for every candidate with maths optional. Thanks!

Students Feedback 23

Sanjay Kr. Jain (Rank: 667) IAS – 2012 I want to thank Venkanna Sir for his continuous guidance and support all through my preparation of civil services. He is great mentor, and guided me not just in mathematics but in other areas as well. Without his efforts and unflinching faith in me, this would not have been possible. Thanks!`

Students Feedback 24

Santosh Kumar (Rank: 849) IAS – 2012 I am very thankful to IMS for Mathematics preperation for Civil Services. I joined I.M.S Test Series and written all tests. Test papers are very well prepared, according to the new syllabus and U.P.S.C question paper. Test solutions are well organised, to help candidate in mentioning all important steps required to the solution of question. Test Series helped me alot to crack Civil Services Exam Thanks!

Students Feedback 25

Anupam Shukla (Rank: 07) IFoS – 2012 Respected Venkanna Sir, I owe my success in Indian Forest Service Examination 2012 to your inspiring lectures in Mathematics that evoked my interest and preperation to take challenge with confidence. Many Thanks to IMS and Venkanna Sir.

Students Feedback 26

Dilip Kumar Yadav (Rank: 48) IFoS – 2012 Respected Venkanna Sir, I am writing this letter to inform my heartful thanks for providing me all the support during the course of preparation. I am very thankful to you for your coaching materials because of which i am able to secure AIR – 48 in IFoS – 2012 exam.

Students Feedback 27

Himanshu Gupta (Rank: 07) C.S.E – 2011 & (Rank: 05) IFoS – 2011 Respected Sir, I feel very happy to inform you that I have achieved AIR-5 in IFoS exam 2011 and AIR-7 in Civil Service Exam 2011. Sir your guidance and inputs were very important in my preparation. Test Series programme especially was very important in providing a simulated examination environment, which was extreme helpful. I strongly recommend Venkanna Sir’s classes for Mathematics classes.

Students Feedback 28

Gulneet Singh Khurana: (Rank: 220) C.S.E – 2011 Respected Sir, I feel very proud in informing you that, I have made it through the Civil Services Exam (2011). I am very thankful to you for providing your valuable guidance in this great success. I feel very happy while informing other aspirants that I could not have made it without your guidance which is clear in my marks over the year.

Students Feedback 29

Ajit Pratap: (Rank: 288) C.S.E – 2011 Holistic coverage is essential for securing good marks in science subject like mathematics. IMS institute provides guidance & well prepared notes to cover the subject. Do not roam through many books. Choose one & thorough the notes provided by IMS.

Students Feedback 30

Megha Agrawal: (Rank: 538) C.S.E – 2011 The preparation for Civil Services never was and never will be easy, but with proper guidance and consistent effort one can sail through. Mathematics is a subject liked by few and even those who like it thinks number of times before opting for it, because there is a misconception among the aspirants that science subjects do not fetch good marks, But sincerely telling, if one has any interest in this subject, he/she can freely opt for it. Also there are Teachers like Venkanna Sir from IMS (Institute of Mathematical Sciences) who can very well guide you and help you in keeping faith in this subject. I would thank sir for his continuous guidance and encouraging words that helped me intellectually and emotionally. Also the Study material provided and the Test Series conducted were of immense help. I will continue to look towards him for any help in the future also.

Students Feedback 31

Bhagwati Prasad Kalal: (Rank: 154) C.S.E – 2010 This year IMS result has proved that mathematics is also one of the mark fetching subject. If proper guidance and notes in available then high scoring is also possible in mathematics. In my third attempt I took personal guidance from Venkanna Sir and consulted few topics from his notes. I found his help very useful and his moral support worked for me. I Suggest Student to take maths as optional and to enjoy it.

Students Feedback 32

Abhishek:(Rank: 223) C.S.E – 2010 Mathematics has in recent years shown upward thrust in marks as compared to other optionals. With correct investment of time and energy, it can truly become flag-bearer of an aspirant’s Civil Services Preparation. I want to thank K .Venkanna Sir of IMS to give continuous support and guidance, Which helped me achieve excellent marks in Mathematics.

Students Feedback 33

Awakash (Rank: 276) C.S.E – 2010 11th May 2011 , 3:17 pm, a click of mouse & life changed. And it changed drastically for betterment. Cracking the civil services is not easy. It never was, especially with the kind of optionals I opted for, I was advised no. of times to change one of the optional to any of the humanities, but & persisted with these simply because of my interest and a firm belief that I can do better with them. Being a Mechanical Engineer I was tempted towards these optionals but I faced difficulties in some of the areas of Mathematics like Modern Algebra among others, But with the kind guidance of Sri K. VENKANNA, Sir of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences it become a lot earlier and some sort of fun. The test series was meticulously devised which gave me a examination like feeling and my final performance was not too different from those in the test series. The 24×7 sort of guidance and motivation provided by Sir was of immense help and I thank him, besides my father, mother, wife and friends for this rare piece of achievement in my life bestowed upon me by the almighty.

Students Feedback 34

Ajit Pratap: (Rank: 497) C.S.E – 2010 (in 1st attempt) I am really thankful for providing me your valuable time. Because of that only I scored 409 marks in Mathematics. You helped me in covering the subject holistically. And your well prepared Notes and Test Series has given me a way to cover the entire syllabus in time bound fashion.


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