UPSC Mathematics Optional for IAS and IFoS

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About CSAT

About Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT)


  • The secret of success in Preliminary exam conducted by UPSC lies in Paper-II of General Studies (i.e, Aptitude Paper). For clearing the final UPSC exam, preliminary is the First and Most important stage.
  • Now, the prerequisite to clear UPSC Preliminary exam is Smart work, Practise, Mental toughness and Dynamism.
  • Institute of Mathematical Science (IMS) with specialisation in Mathematics delivering these traits from many years for the students preparing for IAS/IFoS/ CSIR/ GATE Examinations. More than 200 students selected for 2013 mains exam from IMS Institute.
  • Extensive coverage of the syllabus and exhaustive Test Series Programme with rigorous practise is not only upto the benchmark set by UPSC but also step ahead from others since the syllabus changed.
  • Weightage of second paper in CSAT and increase in aptitude and reasoning questions besides, comprehension becomes bedrock to clear Preliminary exam.
  • IMS with its team and hardwork alongwith innovative curriculum and test series convert hope of students into reality.

Why IMS Only?

  • We know that cramming and rotting facts are not enough. Scientific application based study and orientation can only help students to crack this hard nut.
  • We have transform our material and classroom into ‘applied think centre’ as per benchmark set by the UPSC.
  • Exhaustive 40 tests with widest possible coverage and subject with topic specific practises eliminate the constraint so that students navigate safely during actual exam.
  • Committed and friendly teachers along with direct access to the Director (IMS) of this institute can save the precious time of students and enhance their confidence.
  • Extensive coverage of the study material increases the chances of facing similar type of questions in examination which ultimately upwell the confidence of students manifold.
  • Because, only we believe:—
    “The more you sweat in practise the less you bleed in Battle.”

Our Standard Operating Procedure

  • Scientific and innovative orientation programme.
  • Extensive coverage of the Syllabus.
  • Flexible modules and Test Series.
  • Cordial classroom environment
  • More emphasis on Fundamentals

Our Unique Service Proposition

  • Exhaustive Test Series with extensive coverage of the syllabus
  • Accessibility of faculty alongwith the director just a call away.
  • Symbiotic relationship approach with students.
  • Mould of subject and conceptual difficulty at school level.

Our Milestone

In Civil Service Examination:

Year Preliminary Examination Final Selection
2013 200+  
2012 100+ 35
2011 85+ 20

Our Successful candidates of Preliminary Exam in various years


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