Eligibility for GATE

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)

About the GATE Examination

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all India examination that primarily tests a comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in Engineering and Technology. The GATE score of a candidate reflects a relative performance level in a particular paper in the exam across several years. The score is used for admissions to post-graduate engineering programmes (eg. M.E., M.Tech, direct Ph.D.) in Indian higher education institutes with financial assistance provided by MHRD and other Government agencies. The score may also be used by Public sector units for employment screening purposes.

  • The GATE score card is valid for the two years.
  • There is no limit for number of attempts and age for the GATE examination, so candidate can appear in the GATE examination at any age and many times as per candidate wish.
  • GATE Score: After the evaluation of the answers, the raw marks obtained by a candidate will be converted to a normalized GATE Score. From 2013, the GATE score will be computed by a new formula. The GATE Score of a condidate is computed from:Eligibility for GATE 1
  • where,
    • S = GATE Score (normalised) of a candidate,
    • M = Marks obtained by a candidate in a paper,
    • Eligibility for GATE 2 = Qualifying Marks for general category candidates in the paper,
    • Eligibility for GATE 3= Average Marks fo top 0.1% or 10 (which ever is higher) of candidates in the paper,
    • Eligibility for GATE 4 = GATE Score assigned to M t (around 900), and
    • Eligibility for GATE 5 = GATE Score assigned to Mq (around 300),

    Eligibility for GATE 6 is usually 25 marks (out of 100) or Eligibility for GATE 7which ever is higher. Here Eligibility for GATE 8is the mean of marks in a paper and Eligibility for GATE 9is the standard deviation.

  • Generally, GATE results will be announced in every around march 15.
Eligibility for GATE according to the 2013 notification

Only the following categories of candidates are eligible to appear for GATE 2013. Necessary supporting documents must be submitted ONLINE or by post during the submission of the application form for the exam. Please read this carefully and make sure that your year of qualification is not later that what is specified below.

Qualifying Degree

Qualifying Degre e/
Examination (Descriptive)

Description of Eligible

Year of qualification
cannot be later than

 Copies of Certificates to be submitted for Students who Passed in the year 2012 or earlier

 Copies of Certificates to be submitted for Students who Expected to complete in 2013 or later


Bachelor’s degree in
hitecture (4 years after 10+2/
Post B.Sc./ Post-Diploma)

4th year of completed


Degree Certificate/
Provisional Certificate/
Course Comple tion

Certificate from


Master’s degree in any
branch of Sc ience/
Mathe matics/ Stat istics/
Computer Applica tions or

Final year or completed

Degree Certificate/
Provisional Certificate/
Course Comple tion
Certificate (pertaining to
Masters degree)

Certificate from

Int. M.E./M.Tech or
DD (after 10+2 or

Integrated Master’s degre e
programs or Dual Degree
programs in Engineering/
Tec hnology (Five years

4th/5th year or completed

Degree Certificat6e /
Provisional Certificate/
Course Comple tion

Certificate from

Int. M.E/M.Tech (Post BSc)

Post-BSc Integrated Master’s
degree programs in
Engineering/ Technology
(Four year programme)

2nd / 3rd / 4th year or completed

Degree Certificat6e /
Provisional Certificate/
Course Comple tion

Certificate from

Professional Society
(equivalent to

B.E/B.Te ch equivalent
examinations, of Professional
Soc ieties, recognized by
AMIE by Institution of
Engineers-India, AMICE by
the Institute of Civil
Engineers India)

Completed section A or
e quivalent of such
professional courses

Professional Certificate/
Provisional Certificate/
Course Completion/
Membership Certificate
issued by the Society or

Certificate from

Certificate from Principal

Candidates who have to submit a certificate from their Principal, as determined from the above table, have to obtain a signature from their principal on a certificate that will be printed on the application PDF file provided after completion of online application submission.

Candidates with backlogs

Candidates who have appeared in the final semester/year exam in 2012, but with a backlog (arrears/ failed subjects) in any of the papers in their qualifying degree should submit

  • A copy of any one of the marks sheets of the final year, OR
  • A letter from the principal indicating that the student has a backlog from an earlier semester/year to be cleared, and therefore cannot produce a course completion certificate now. This certificate will also be present in the last portion of the PDF application form provided to you after you submit application online.


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