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GATE Qualification

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) Qualification

Admission to postgraduate programme with MHRD and some other Government scholarship/assistantships in engineering colleges/institute is open to those who qualify in GATE examination.

GATE qualified candidates with bachelor’s degree in Engineering/Technology/Architecture or Master’s degree in any branch of Science/Mathematics/Statistics/Computer Technology/Architecture are eligible for admission to Master’s Degree programme in Engineering / Technology / Architecture as well as for Doctoral Programmes in relevant branches of science with MHRD or other Government –scholarships/assistantships.

To Avail the scholarship, the candidate secure admission to such a postgraduate programme, as per the prevailing procedure of the admitting institution.

However, candidates with Master’s degree in Engineering/Technology/Architecture may seek admission to relevant Doctoral Programmes with scholarship/assistantship without appearing in the GATE Examination.

GATE qualification is also a minimum requirement to apply for various fellows awarded by many Government organizations.


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