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CSAT Model Test Series Practice Set

CSAT Model Test Series Practice Set – 1

1. The area of an ellipse is twice that of a circle. The major diameter of the ellipse is twice that of the minor diameter. The radius of the circle is ?
(a) 50% of minor diameter of the ellipse
(b) 50% of major diameter of the ellipse
(c) minor diameter of the ellipse
(d) major diameter of the ellipse

2. March 1, 2008 was Saturday. Which day was it on March 1, 2002?
(a) Thursday (b) Friday
(c) Saturday (d) Sunday

3. In examination, 70% of the students passed in the paper-I, and 60% of the students passed in the paper-II ,15% of the students failed in both the papers while 270 students passed in both the papers. What is the total number of students?
(a) 600 (b) 580
(c) 560 (d) 540

4. A survey shows that 63% of Indians like mangoes where as 76% like apples. If x% of the Indians like both mangoes and apples, then the value of the x is ?
(a) 24 (b) 37
(c) 39 (d) 42

5. A and B can do job in 16 days and 12 days respectively. A & B worked together in 4 days then in how many days will take B to complete the remaining work ?
(a) 8 days (b) 10 days
(c) 4 days (d) 5 days

6. A tap can fill a tank in 25 minutes and another tap can empty it in 50 minutes. If the tank is already half full and both the taps are opened together, then ?

(a) Tank is emptied in 20 minutes
(b) Tank is filled up in 25 minutes
(c) Tank is filled up in 20 minutes
(d) Tank is emptied in 25 minutes

7. In a kilometre race A beats B by 5 seconds or 40 meters. How long does B take to run in kilometre race?
(a) 125 seconds (b) 120 seconds
(c) 130 seconds (d) None of these

8. If the annual income from 5% stock at 112 is Rs. 42 more than 4% stock at 98,then the investment is ?
(a) Rs.12, 000 (b) Rs.11, 000
(c) Rs.10, 976 (d) Rs.11, 048

9. There are 5 oranges, 6 apples and 7 mangoes in fruit basket. In how many ways of selection of each fruit only once?
(a) 210 (b) 120
(c) 420 (d) 250

10. The difference between simple and compound interest (compounded annually) on a sum of money for 2 years at 10% per annum is Rs.65.Then the sum is ?
(a) Rs.6500 (b) Rs.6565
(b) Rs.5065 (d) Rs.5650

11. If 10 men weave 10 mats in 10 days, how many men will be required to weave 100 mats in 100 days?
(a) 100 days (b) 5 days
(c) 10 days (d) 50 days

12. One litre of water was mixed to six liters of sugar solution containing 4% of sugar. What is the percentage of sugar in the solution?
(a) 3.42 (b) 4.42
(c) 6.42 (d) 5.42

13. A Pipe can empty a tank in 15 hrs and another Pipe can empty it in 10 hours. If both the Pipes are opened simultaneously, then how much time it will take to emptied the full tank ?
(a) 8 hrs. (b) 6 hrs.
(c) 4 hrs. (d) 5 hrs.

14. The sum of the ages of a father and a son is 50 years Also, 5 years ago, the father’s age was 7 times the age of the son. The present ages of the father and the son respectively, are ?
(a) 35 years, 15 years
(b) 40 years,10 years
(c) 38 years, 12 years
(d) 42 years, 8 years

15. A man sold two steel chairs for Rs. 500 each .On one, he gains 20% and on the other, he losses 12%. How much does he gain or lose in the whole transaction?
(a) 1.5% loss (b) 2% gain
(c) 1.5% gain (d) 2%

16. Two trains of the same length but with different speeds pass a static pole in 5 seconds and 6 seconds respectively. In what time will they cross each other when they are moving in the same direction?
(a) 40 min (b) 50 min
(c) 25 min (d) 60 min

17. Five liters are drawn off from a vessel full of water and replaced by pure milk. Again five liters of the mixture are drawn off and replaced by pure milk. If the vessel now contain water & milk in the ratio 9:16. Then what is the capacity of the vessel ?
(a) 10 liters (b) 12.5 liters
(c) 20 liters (d) 25 liters

18. You are a sub divisional magistrate. Development work as well as controlling crime rate of the subdivision keeps you very busy during your officer hours and even beyond that. The principal of the government school calls you as a guest and wants you to give students a lecture on good conduct. What should be your response?
(a) Tell the principal that it is none of subdivision magistrate’s business and you do not have time for it.
(b) Ask the principle that in what way you can help him and what he wants you to do exactly.
(c) Tell the principle that it will be better if this situation is handled by a academician and moralists.
(d) Call up some NGO or social welfare organization and ask their representative to go to the school.

19. You are a civil servant, a neighbor of yours who is a parent of a 17-year-old boy approaches you and requests you to spend some time explaining to her son, not to be engaged in unlawful activity and should not loaf around. She tells you that he keeps a bad company and has a group of friend with petite criminal records.
What should you do ?
(a) Tell the woman that she should contact some youth Welfare Center or NGO who works for the welfare of the youth.
(b) Talk to the guy that unlawful activity can attract penalty and is not considered as good conduct.
(c) Tell the boy out rightly that he will land in jail if he remains engaged in such kind of activity.
(d) Tell the lady that it is none of your business.

20. A program is being conducted by an NGO, “Law and People” in a government school in the subdivision regarding the significance of law in life and information students about the law courses and law schools. An eminent professor was supposed to come and deliver a speech but due to some unavoidable reasons she could not turn up. You were asked by the NGO to come and deliver a speech in the school in your capacity as sub divisional magistrate of that division. Which of the following should you not do ?
(a) Ask the NGO to provide you with information regarding law courses and law schools
(b) Ask the NGO to write the speech for you, since she knows best what should be included in your talk.
(c) Read some articles and collect data that tells the importance of law in life.
(d) Do all of the above.

21. You receive a complaint regarding domestic violence by a person who reported that her sister has been victim of domestic violence and accuse her Brother in law for such conduct and ask you to come to the scene of violence immediately. When you arrive you notice that both husband and wife are sitting at opposite ends of the room, they are injured and it is very apparent that acts of violence have occurred. What should you do immediately under these circumstances?
(a) Call for backup assistance.
(b) Ask the wife if she needs medical assistance.
(c) Enquire into the details of the incident by asking questions regarding the incident from both husband and wife
(d) Arrest the husband.

22. A mother and father came to you to report that their 10 year old daughter has been abducted. Both parents are very upset. While you were interrogating them, suddenly the mother breaks down tears and becomes extremely anxious. She started threatening you by telling that she will kill herself if you do not find her daughter. Which of the following actions should you initially take under these circumstances?
(a) Try to comfort the mother by telling that you understand her condition and you will try your best to find her daughter as soon as possible
(b) Get angry with the couple and tell them that their behaviour is very uncooperative and is not helpful in carrying out investigation
(c) Ask the husband to try and control his wife
(d) Call your associate officer for help

23. You are on duty. Suddenly you receive the information that an incident of bank dacoit is in progress. You rush outside the station and take out your jeep to go to the site of crime. However, you find that road is blocked after a distance. What action should you first take from the choices below?
(a) Travel on your foot and reach the spot
(b) Call the superior police officer and inform them of your circumstances
(c) Return back to the police station
(d) Call your superior officer for assistance

24. You receive a complaint, that some scrupulous person who, according to the complainant, are accused of recent case of dacoit in the city. You approach the flat in question and knock at the door, however no one responds. After a few minutes, a woman opens the door. Under these circumstances what should you initially tell her?
(a) That send out the accused of the dacoits
(b) That you have come to arrest the dacoits who were behind the recent dacoit in the city
(c) That you want to know who she is and what she is doing there
(d) That the police have been notified of a complaint that the individuals who allegedly have committed the recent dacoit that has happened in the city are there

25. In a metro city, motorcycles are often causing accidents, leading to death of the riders from head injury. Which of the following regulations should the traffic police enforce?
(a) Only allow four–wheeled vehicles on the city streets
(b) Force every motorcycle rider to wear helmets or pay heavy fine otherwise
(c) Distribute flyers advertising the value of safe driving in general
(d) Check all motorcycles for defective parts


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