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CSIR – JRF NET Mathematical Sciences Exam Paper June 2011-2

Download: CSIR – JRF (NET) Mathematical Sciences Exam Paper: June 2011 (I)

A physiological disorder X always leads to the disorder Y. However, disorder Y may occur by itself. A population shows 4 % incidence of disorder Y. Which of the following inferences is valid?

  1. 4% of the population suffers from both X & Y
  2. Less then 4% of the population suffers from X
  3. At least 4% of the population suffers from X
  4. There is no incidence of X in the given population

Diabetic patients are advised a low glycaemic index diet. The reason for this is

  1. They require less carbohydrate than healthy individuals
  2. They cannot assimilate ordinary carbohydrates
  3. They need to have slow, but sustained release of glucose in their blood stream
  4. They can tolerate lower, but not higher than normal blood sugar levels

Standing on a polished stone floor one feels colder than on a rough floor of the same stone. This is because:

  1. Thermal conductivity of the stone depends on the surface smoothness
  2. Specific heat of the stone changes by polishing it
  3. The temperature of the polished floor is lower than that of the rough floor
  4. There is greater heat loss from the soles of the feet when in contact with the polished floor than of the rough floor

If the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide is doubled and there are favorable conditions of water, nutrients, light and temperature, what would happen to water requirement of plants?

  1. It decreases initially for a short time and then returns to the original value
  2. It increases
  3. It decreases
  4. It increases initially for a short time and then returns to the original value

To examine whether two different skin creams, A and B, have different effect on the human body n randomly chosen persons were enrolled in a clinical trial. Then cream A was applied to one of the randomly chosen arms of each person, cream B to the other. What kind of a design is this?

  1. Completely Randomized Design
  2. Balanced Incomplete Block Design
  3. Randomized Block Design
  4. Latin Square Design

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