CSIR JRF NET Mathematical Sciences Exam Paper December 2011

Download: CSIR – JRF (NET) Mathematical Sciences Exam Paper:
December 2011 (II)

Time: 3:00 Hours
Maximum Marks: 200

1. On exposure to desiccation, which of the following bacteria are least likely to experience rapid water loss?

2. Inner planets of the solar system are rocky whereas outer planets are gaseous. One of the reason for this is that?

3. An overweight person runs 4 km everyday as an exercise. After losing 20% of his body weight, if he has to run the same distance in the same time, the energy expenditure would be?

4. An aperiodic Markov chain with stationary transition probabilities in the state space {1,2,3,4,5} must have?

5. Consider a randomized (coplete) block experiment involving v treatments and r replicates. Which of the following is true?

Download Full Paper (Zipped PDF)

Download Full Paper (Open PDF)

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