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CSAT Model Test Series Practice Set – 5

CSAT Model Test Series Practice Set - 5 1

In a code language, ‘SOLID’ is written as ‘WPSLPIMFHA’. What does the code word “ATEXXQIBVO” refer to?

In a group of five people, K, L and M are ambitious, M, N and R are honest, L, M and N are intelligent and K, N and R are industrious. Among these, neither industrious nor ambitious person(s) would include
(a) K alone (b) L and R
(c) M and N (d) none in the group

A person starts from a point A and travels 3 km eastwards to B and then turns left and travels thrice that distance to reach C. He again turns left and travels five times the distance be covered between A and B and reaches his destination D. The shortest distance between the strting point and destination is
(a) 18 km (b) 16 km
(c) 15 km (d) 12 km

Two ladies simultaneously leave cities A and B connected by a straight road and travel towards each other. The first lady trvels 2 km/hr faster than the second lady and reaches B one hour before the second lady reaches A. The two cities A and B are 24 km apart. How many kilometers does each lady travel in one hour?
(a) 5 km, 3 km (b) 7 km, 5 km
(c) 8 km, 6 km (d) 16 km, 14 km

Directions: Based on the information given below, answer the four items which follow it:
Gopal, Harsh, Inder, Jai and Krishnan have Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Cuttack, Delhi and Ernakulam as their hometowns (Not necessarily in that order). They are studying in Engineering, Medical, Commerce, Economics and History Colleges (Not necessarily in that order). None of the five boys is studying in his hometown, but each of them studies in one of the cities given above.
Further, it is give that:
(i) Gopal’s hometown is Ernakulam.
(ii) Harsh is not studying in Ahmedabad or Bhopal.
(iii) Economic College is in Bhopal.
(iv) Inder’s hometown is Cuttack.
(v) Kishanan is studying in Delhi
(vi) Jai is studying in Ernakulam and the History College is in his hometown Ahmedabad.
(vii) Engineering College is situated in Ernakulam.

Based on the information given above answer the next FOUR items:
Which is Krishnan’s hometown?
(a) Ahmedabad (b) Cuttack
(c) Bhopal (d) Cannot be determined

Which college is situated in Inder hometown?
(a) Commerce (b) Medical
(c) Economics (d) Commerce or Medical

Who studies in Bhopal?
(a) Goyal (b) Harsh
(c) Gopal or Inder (d) Inder or Harsh

In Inder Studies in Ahmedabad, then which one of the following is the correct combination of Persons Hometown-Place of Study?
(a) Gopal-Ernakulam-Delhi
(b) Jai-Ahmedabd-Ernakulam
(c) Krishnan-Delhi-Ernakulam
(d) Harsh-Bhopal-Delhi

There are 6 persons – A, B, C, D, E and F. They are to be seated in a row such that B never sits anywhere ahead of A, and C never sits anywhere ahead of B. In how many different ways can this be done?
(a) 60 (b) 72
(c) 120 (d) None of the above

There are 6 persons: A, B, C, D, E and F.
A has 3 items more than C
D has 4 items less than B
E has 6 items less than F
C has 2 items more than E
F has 3 items more than D
Which one of the following figures can not be equal to the total number of items possessed by all the 6 persons?
(a) 41 (b) 47
(c) 53 (d) 58

In an office, the number of persons who take tea is twice the number of persons who take only coffee. The number of persons who take coffee is twice the number of persons who take only tea. Consider the following statements:
1. The sum of the number of persons who take either tea or coffee or both is four times the number of persons who take both coffee and tea.
2. The sum of the number of persons who take only coffee and those who take only tea is twice the number of persons who take both tea and coffee.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
(a) 1 only (b) 2 only
(c) Both 1 and 2 (d) Neither 1 nor 2

Three dice (each having six faces with each face having one number from 1 to 6) are rolled. What is the number of possible outcomes such that at least one dice shows the number 2?
(a) 36 (b) 81
(c) 91 (d) 6

Six faces of a cube are numbered from 1 to 6, each face carrying one different number. Further,
1. The face 2 is opposite to the face 6.
2. The face 1 is opposite to the face 5.
3. The face 3 is between the face 1 and the face 5
4. The face 4 is adjacent to the face
Which one of the following is correct?
(a) The face 2 is adjacent to the face 3
(b) The face 6 is between the face 2 and the face 4
(c) The face 1 is between the face 5 and the face 6
(d) None of the above

In a group of five persons A, B, C, D and E, there is a professor, a doctor and lawyer. A and D are unmarried ladies, and do not work. Of the married couple in the group, E is the husband. B is the brother of A and is neither a doctor nor a lawyer. Who is the professor?
(a) B (b) C
(c) A (d) Cannot be determined with the available data

Examine the following statements:
1. All colours are pleasant
2. Some colours are pleasant
3. No colour is pleasant
4. Some colours are not pleasant
Given that the statement 4 is true, what can be definitely concluded?
(a) 1 and 2 are true (b) 1 is false
(c) 2 is false (d) 3 is true

Direction: The questions which are asked in this section contain two or more statements and these statements are followed by two or more conclusions. You have to find out which of the conclusions logically follow from the given statements. The statements have to be taken true even if they seem to be at variance from the commonly known facts.

All dogs are asses. All asses are bulls.
(i) Some dogs are not bulls.
(ii) Some bulls are dogs.
(iii) All bulls are dogs.
(iv) All dogs are bulls.
(a) Only (ii) nd (iv) (b) Only (i) and (iii)
(c) Only (iii) and (iv) (d) Only (iii)

Some cars are scooters. No scooter is cycle.
(i) No car is cycle.
(ii) No scooter is car.
(iii) Some cars are cycles.
(iv) Some scooters are cars
(a) None of the four (b) All the four
(c) Only (i) and (iv) (d) Only (iv)

All the goats are tigers. All the tigers are lions.
(i) All the goats are lions.
(ii) All the lions are goats.
(iii) Some lions are goats.
(iv) Some tigers are goats.
(a) All the four (b) Only (i), (ii) and (iii)
(c) Only (i), (iii) and (iv) (d) Only (ii), (iii) and (iv)

All the phones are scales. All the scales are calculators.
(i) All the calculators are scales.
(ii) All the phones are calculators.
(iii) All the scales are phones.
(iv) Some calculators are phones.
(a) Only (i) and (iv) (b) Only (iii) and (iv)
(c) Only (ii) and (iv) (d) Only (i) and (ii)

Should the minimum age of marriage for boys be brought down to 18 years?
I. No, an 18-year-old boy is not capable of taking responsibility to start a family.
II. Yes, since the minimum age for marriage for girls is 18 years, the same should be applicable for boys as well.
III. No, boys should be allowed to marry only after they become self-dependent.
(a) Only I is strong (b) Only II is strong
(c) Only III is strong (d) Either I or II is strong

Should there be a complete ban on the use of pesticides for maintaining fruit-growing plants and trees?
I. No, all these plants and trees will get destroyed by the attacks of the pests, causing severe financial loss to the farmers.
II. Yes, the hazardous chemicals used in the pesticides find their way into the fruits, causing serious health hazard to all those who consume these fruits.
(a) Only argument I is strong
(b) Only argument II is strong
(c) Either I or II is strong
(d) Both I and II are strong

Should there be a total ban on use of plastic bags?
I. No instead the thickness of plastic bags, which can be used without much damage to the environment, should be specified.
II. Yes, use of plastic bags causes various problems like water pollution and water-logging and hence it is necessary to ban it.
(a) Only I is strong
(b) Either I or II is strong
(c) Neither I nor II is strong
(d) Both I and II are strong

Direction: Read the statement given in each of the following questions and the two course of actions given below it. Find out which of the courses of action logically follows from the given statement and answer accordingly.
Give answer:
(a) If only course of action I follows
(b) If only course of action II follows
(c) If neither I nor II follows
(d) If both I and II follow

There has been unprecedented increase in prices of essential commodities during the past few days due to the strike call given by the transporters association.
Courses of Action:
I. The government should immediately deploy all the government vehicles for movement of essential commodities to tide over the crisis.
II. The transporters association should be persuaded to withdraw their strike call to bring in normally in supply of essential commodities.

A large number of engineering graduates in the country are not in a position to have gainful employment at present and the number of such engineers are likely to grow in future.
I. The government should launch attractive employment generation schemes and encourage these graduates to opt for such schemes to effectively use their expertise and knowledge.
II. This happened due to proliferation of engineering colleges in the country and thereby towered the quality of the engineering graduates. Those colleges which are not equipped to impart quality education should be closed down immediately.

Many villages in the district are washed away by the flood water rendering asll the villagers without food and shelter.
Courses of Action
I. The district administration should immediately send relief team with food and other supplies to the affected areas.
II. The people living in the neighbouring villages should be evacuated to safer places.

Power cuts in most parts of the country have put the students in tremendous difficulty during the examination time.
I. Government should advise the public to make standby arrangements like generators and invertors.
II. Parents of the students should take out a Morcha to the state electricity boards in protest against power cuts.

You are working as a Divisional Material Manager in a division of Indian Railways. There is sudden demand of some safety items due to a major accident. You have floated a limited tender with short notice. After opening the tender, you find that all the quoted prices of four received bids are same and four times the last purchased rate of those safety items. What would you do?
(a) Accept the offer and place order to all four bidders one-fourth of the quantity.
(b) Refer the matter to higher authority.
(c) Float the open tender in place of limited tender.
(d) Refloat the limited tender with very short notice

You have recently joined as Superintendent of Police in a district. After few months of your joining, you are directed to investigate a case where powerful persons (including MLA of ruling party) are involved. Your top authority made it very clear that you should find ways to save them otherwise there can be dire consequences. If you oppose them, you will be transferred to a remote place and there are many willing officers to fill your post. What should you do?
(a) You should decline the offer and be ready for consequences.
(b) You should go to medias to expose them.
(c) You should do according to top authority because refusal to obey has no tangible benefit.
(d) You should follow the order first and whenever opportunity comes, you should follow the legal procedure and nail them.

You are working as a joint secretory in the power ministry. You have been assigned a job of restricting the wastage of coal in a thermal power plant such as wastage due to low calorific value of coal, pilferage at pit head or in transit etc. What would you do?
(a) Setting up of a new thermal power plant at pit head itself.
(b) Restricting coal production and balance of demand will get fulfilled by import.
(c) To allow local companies for self coal mining and provide all assistance to arrest pilferage at pit head or in transit.
(d) By synchronizing production and dispatch and minimising coal stock in collieries.

You are attending a meeting as superintendent of police along with your subordinates. The police department has arranged the meeting for denizens of the city and media representatives. Meeting is about increasing theft and several abuse of women in the city. Media wants to know the steps that police department is taking to curb the situation. What would you tell them?
(a) The police department is increasing the night patrol duty in those area where incident of theft are on rise.
(b) The police department has started the community policing.
(c) The police department has made special wing for protecting the women from sexual abuse particularly during the night and planning to increase the night patrol duty.
(d) The police department and the administration are working together to cull he crime and doing lots of activities towards community policing.

You have been asked by your employer to perform a task that is unsafe and harmful to you. What would you do?
(a) Refuse to do the task.
(b) Complain to your coworker about the situation.
(c) Convince the employer that the work is unsafe and harmful to you.
(d) Make suggestion to your employer on how to make the task safer and less harmful.

The local newspaper has published defamatory article about the deputy commissioner of police. Moreover, it lacks proper ground and research. What should he do?
(a) React immediately in the media
(b) File a case of defamation on the media
(c) React if the information comes through proper channel
(d) Try to contact the editor of the newspaper and seek explanation from him.

A lady with a teenager boy come to you. Lady ask you to counsel her young boy for not engaging in unlawful activities. The woman appears to be very apprehensive and nervous. She tells you tht he keeps a bad company also. Considering yourself as a civil servant what would you do?
(a) Tell the lady politely that it is not your work.
(b) Assign this work to some other person preferably your subordinate as you have other important works to do.
(c) Talk to the boy in a friendly tone and convince him for not engaging in unlawful activities. Try to make him understand that unlawful activities attract penalty and is not considered as good conduct.
(d) Advice lady to go to some psychologist.

You are a municipal commissioner of a city. You have taken up a project to create night-shelters for homeless people during the winter season. Within a week of establishing the shelters, you have received complaints from the residents of the area about the increase in theft cases with a demand to remove the shelters. You would:
(a) continue with the project and ignore their complaint.
(b) ask residents to consider the humanitarian effort made.
(c) ask them to lodge a written complaint in the police station.
(d) assure residents of an enquiry into the matter.

You have to accomplish a very important task for your headquarters within the nexgt two days. Suddenly you meet with an accident. Your office insists that you complete the task. You would
(a) ask for an extension fo deadline.
(b) inform headquarters of your inability to finish on time.
(c) suggest alternate person to headquarters who may do the needful.
(d) stay away till you recover.


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