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CSAT Model Test Series Practice Set – 2

CSAT Model Test Series Practice Set - 2 1

To travel 600 km, train X takes 8 hours more than train Y. If however , the speed of train X is doubled , it takes 2 hours less than train Y. The speed of train Y (in km/hr) is:
(a) 50 (b) 55
(c) 45 (d) 60

Two trains of equal length are running on parallel lines in the same direction at the rate of 65 and 44 km/h. The faster train passes the slower train in 48 seconds. The length of each train is
(a) 120 metres (b) 150 metres
(c) 100 metres (d) 140 metres

The rowing speed of man in still water is 20 km/h. Going downstream, he moves at the rate of 25 km/h. The rate of stream is
(a) 45 km/h (b) 2.5 km/h
(c) 12.5 km/h (d) 5 km/h

The radius of a sphere increases by 50% . The increase in surface area of the sphare is
(a) 100% (b) 125%
(c) 150% (d) 200%

You have been sent for an urgent work at the time of traveling , you come across a person who is grievously injured . You:
(a) You will leave him and proceed to your destination
(b) You will carry the injured person to hospital.
(c) You will hire a cab and send him to hospital then will proceed to your destination.
(d) You will inform the police over phone

The employees of a certain office are habitual late comers and there is a very casual attitude towards time in the office. The Head of the department should give the following order:
(a) He should write the order in the attendance register for coming / going
(b) Explanation should ask the concerned employees first then pass order
(c) Call all employees and ordr for coming to office on time
(d) Call all employees and order to late – coming official

It has been raining for one week and the weather forecast says that it will rain for another week . The river is rising and there is danger of flood . The District Magistrate has suggested evacuation. The community people are concerned about their property and are making efforts to fill sand bags to reduce the level. You:
(a) Would try to gather inputs from the community people before making a decision based on facts of the situation.
(b) Would take the decision to stop filling of sand bags and evacuate the are(a)
(c) Would wait for the official order to come to you before taking any decision.
(d) You would seek advice from the higher authorities regarding this after apprising them of ground situation.

You get a call from your office for an emergency night duty as your colleague who was on night duty that day has reported sick. You had planned for a birthday party for your wife that night.You:
(a) Politely ask them to get any other person on night duty.
(b) Cancel / postpone your wife’s birthday party and go for night duty
(c) Accept the cell and ask them for some time so that you can manage your party as well as your duty.
(d) Refuse for night duty as you have already done your job during day time.

You and your coworker are working on a complex project which requires technical and administrative skills. You:
(a) Resign from the job as it would be impossible to deal with both technical and administrative tasks at the same time.
(b) Bargain with the management to provide you with an alternative, else you quit.
(c) Talk to your immediate boss explaining him your difficulties and seeking administrative inputs from him for completing the project on schedule.
(d) Continue with your technical tasks as there is nothing which you could do in this case, Successful completion of the project is an equal responsibility of the management as well, and not yours alone.

Passage: The emancipation of woman ,” Tames Toyce total one of his friends, ” has caused the greatest revolution in our time is the most important relationship there is that between men and women’ other modernists agreed: Virginia Woolf claiming that is about 1910 ‘ human character changed’ and illustrating the new balance between the see whether your sympathies are not almost entirely with Clytemnestr(a) Modernist writers considered women’s revolt against men’s domination . Not that the images of sexual antagonism that absurd in modern literature have gone unrewarded; far from it. But what we are able to see in literary works depends on the perpective we bring to them and now that women enough to make a difference are reforming canons and interpreting literature.

Which of the following title best describes the content of the pasage?
(a) Women in literature
(b) Search for equality
(c) Towards a new criticism
(d) Modernist Writers

Among below four options, which one is close to word ‘emancipation’?
(a) To free somebody (b) To restrict somebody
(c) To allow somebody (d) To obey somebody

What does the word ‘ intagonism’ refer to?
(a) Feeling of love
(b) Equality in right
(c) Feeling of hatred and opposition
(d) None of these

Passage : ” I know . I know that I shall never again meet anything or anybody who will inspire me with passion. You know, it’s quite a job starting to love somebody . You have to have energy, generosity , blindness. There is even a moment, in the very beginning, when you have to jump across a precipice; if you think about it you don’t do it’ I know I’ll never jump again.”

 What is the tone of the passage?
(a) Optimistic (b) Pessimistic
(c) Aggressive (d) None of these

On what has the writer dressed in the passage?
(a) An individual (b) Situation
(c) Perception (d) All the above

Precipice in the paragraph refers to:
(a) Hardships (d) Cliff
(c) Height (d) Sheer drop

Sunil and saurabh started a business investing Rs 9,000 and Rs 12,000 respectively . After 6 months, saurabh withdraw half of his investment. If after a year, the total profit was Rs 4,600 , what was saurabh’s share in it?
(a) Rs 2,000 (b) Rs 2,600
(c) Rs 1900 (d) Rs 2,300

Out of 5 Boys and 2 girls, a group of 3 is to be formed to coordinate a cultural programme. In how many ways can it be formed if at least one girl is to be included?
(a) 25 (b) 30
(c) 20 (d) None of these

In a group of 6 boys and 4 girls , four children are to be selected in how many different ways can they be selected such that at least one boy should be there?
(a) 159 (b) 194
(c) 209 (d) 205

In a zoo , there are rabbits and pigeons . If heads are counted , there are 200 and if legs are counted, there are 580 . How many pigeons are there?
(a) 110 (b) 105
(c) 100 (d) 120

A is thrice as fast as B, and is therefore able to finish a work in 40 days less than B. Find the time in which they can do it working together.
(a) 16 days (b) 10 days
(c) 15 days (d) None of these.

Direction: According to sociologists, there are several different ways in which a person may become recognized as the leader of a social group in the United States. In the family, traditional cultural patterns confer leadership on one or both of the parents. In other cases, Line such as friendship groups, one or more persons may gradually emerge as leaders, although there is no formal process of selection. In larger groups, leaders are usually chosen formally through election or recruitment.

Although leaders are often thought to be people with unusual personal ability, decades of research have failed to produce consistent evidence that there is any category of “natural leaders.” It seems that there is no set of personal qualities that all leaders have in common; rather, virtually any person may be recognized as a leader if the person has qualities that meet the needs of that particular group.

Furthermore, although it is commonly supposed that social groups have a single leader, research suggests that there are typically two different leadership roles that are held by different individuals. Instrumental leadership is leadership that emphasizes the completion of tasks by a social group. Group members look to instrumental leaders to “get things” done.” Expressive leadership, on the other hand, is leadership that emphasizes the collective well-being of a social group’s member. Expressive leader are less concerned with the overall goals of the group than with providing emotional support to group members and attempting to minimize tension and conflict among them. Group members expect expressive leaders to maintain stable relationships within the group and provide support to individual members.

Instrumental leaders are likely to have a rather secondary relationship to other group members. They give orders and may discipline group members who inhibit attainment of the group’s goals. Expressive leaders cultivate a more personal or primary relationship to others in the group. They offer sympathy when someone experiences difficulties or is subjected to discipline, are quick to lighten a serious moment with humor ,and try to resolve issues that threaten to divide the group. As the differences in these two roles suggest, expressive leaders generally receive more personal affection from group members; instrumental leaders, if they are successful in promoting group goals, may enjoy a mote distant respect.

What does the passage mainly discuss?
(a) The problems faced by leaders
(b) How leadership differs in small and large groups
(c) How social groups determine who will lead them
(d) The role of leaders in social groups

The passage mentions all of the following ways by which people can become leaders EXCEPT
(a) recruitment
(b) formal election process
(c) specific leadership training
(d) traditional cultural patterns

In mentioning “natural leaders” in lines 8-9, the author is making the point that
(a) few people qualify as “natural leaders”
(b) there is no proof that “natural leaders” exist
(c) “natural leaders’ are easily accepted by the members of a social group
(d) “natural leaders” share a similar set of characteristics

Which of the following statements about leadership can be inferred from paragraph 2?
(a) A person who is an effective leader of a particular group may not be an effective leader in another group.
(b) Few people succeed in sharing a leadership role with another person.
(c) A person can best learn how to be an effective leader by studying research on leadership.
(d) Most people desire to be leaders but can produce little evidence of their qualifications.

The passage indicates that instrumental leaders generally focus on
(a) ensuring harmonious relationships
(b) sharing responsibility with group members
(c) identifying new leaders
(d) achieving a goal

Directions: In each of the questions below are given three statements followed by three conclusions number I, II and III. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusion logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.

Some trees are lions.
Some lions are cows.
All cows are bats.
I. Some bats are trees.
II. Some cows are trees.
III. No bat is tree.
(a) None follows (b) Only III follows
(c) Only II follows (d) Only either I or III follows

All rings are birds.
Some birds are cages.
All cages are kites.
I. All kites are cages.
II. Some kites are rings.
III. Some birds are kites.
(a) Only I follows (b) Only II follows
(c) Only III follows (d) Only I and II follow

All pens are grasshoppers.
Some grasshoppers are clouds.
Some clouds are bottles.
I. Some bottles are grasshoppers.
II. Some clouds are pens.
III. No pen is clouds.
(a) Only III follows (b) Only either II or III follows
(c) Only II follows (d) Only either I or III follows

Some reds are crows.
All crows are yellows.
All yellows are rabbits.
I. All crows are rabbits.
II. Some yellows are reds.
III. Some reds are rabbits.
(a) All follow (b) Only I follows
(c) Only I and II follows (d) Either I or II follows


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