Preparation for Civil Services with Mathematics optional is Good?  


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14/02/2019 5:41 pm  

Hello, i am completed B.Tech  and  start Preparation for Civil Services, i choose optional subject as Geography. but after sometimes i realize that this optional is not for me.

Because i am not much interest of Theoretical Paper.

i am good in mathematics, so can i choose ?

so please help me for choosing optional.



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15/03/2019 3:07 pm  

Mathematics is good optional subject,

Every mark in competitive exams like IFoS and CSE counts and the optional subject should provide us the scope to outperform other optionals.

There is no better optional in this regard than maths and history of topper marks with maths of last decade prove that.

So i recommended you to Choose Maths as an Optional Subject.

For More Details: Watch this video



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