Suggested Reading

Recommended Mathematics Books For

CSIR Examination


Real Analysis:  

  • H.L. Royden
  • S C Mailk and Savita Arora

Linear Algebra:

  • Hoffman and Kunze
  • Schaum Series (3000 Solved Problems Book)

Complex Analysis:

  • Schaum Series
  • R.V.Churchill


  • Joseph A. Gallian
  • I. N. Herstein


  • G .F. Simmons

Ordinary Differential Equations:

  • G .F. Simmons
  • M.D. Rai Singhania

Partial Differential Equations:

  • Ian . Sneddon
  • M. D. Rai Singhania

Numerical Analysis:

  • Jain and lyenger

Calculus of Variations:

  • A. S. Gupta

Linear Integral Equations:

  • Shanti Swarup

Classical Mechanics:

  • H. Goldstein


  • S. C. Gupta

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