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Videos:UPSC/ Civil Service Examination/IAS/IFoS Successful Candidates Interview and Success Stories

Tips to Choose Mathematics Optional: by AIR-194 IAS-2015

Discussion on How to choose Mathematics Optional valuable advises from UPSC / CSE / IAS Toppers:

UPSC/IAS-2015 AIR-12 Ashish Sangwan:

V.Kranthi AIR-65 in UPSC/CSE/IAS2015 Successful Student:

V.Kranthi AIR-65 in UPSC/CSE/IAS-2015 Successful Student in Telugu:

Padmanabh Baruah AIR-194 in UPSC/CSE/IAS-2015 Successful Student:

Akshay Godara AIR-605 CSE/ IAS-2015:

Akshay Godara UPSC/ IAS-2015 AIR-605 & IFoS - 2015 AIR-15:

UPSC/IAS-2015 AIR-13 & IFoS - 2015 Examination Successful Student AIR-13 Siddharth Jain

AIR-30 Vijay Shankar UPSC/IFoS - 2015 Examination

IAS-2015 AIR-15 & IFoS-2015 AIR-1 with Mathematics Optional:

UPSC/IFoS-2015 Examination Successful Aspirant Vijay Shankar AIR- 30

UPSC/ IAS-2015 AIR-13 & IFoS-2015 AIR-13:

UPSC/ IAS-2015 AIR-183, IFoS-2014 & AIR-4 IAS-2014 AIR-261

Parth Jaiswal IAS-2014 AIR-299 & AIR-5 in IFoS 2014 Examinations:

IAS-2015 AIR-8, IAS-2014 AIR-143 & IFoS-2014 AIR-13:

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