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Topper Meet on 1st July,2014

Rajinder Nagar at 10:00am,

Mukherjee Nagar at 5:00pm

Attend Workshop OPEN FOR ALL                    

Regular Batch Begins on 2nd July,2014

Rajinder Nagar at 5:00pm,

Mukherjee Nagar at 7:00am

Regular Batch Begins 2nd July, 2014 ( Weekend Batches are also Available)

Mathematics Mains Test Series 2014

IAS Maths Test Series Begins on 2nd July, 2014

CSAT(Paper-II) Mock Test Series

Batch Begins for Level - IV on 5th July,2014       

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CSIR New Batch Begins

CSIR/GATE Mathematics New Batch Begins on 14th July,2014


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Our Achievements

Our Achievements

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Our Achievements

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Faculty Members

Faculty Members

Our Institute has faculty with proven track record of their academics and long teaching experience. Their expertise in their fields gives a sound platform to the aspiring candidates to create a holistic environment for these coveted examinations.

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   Director's Message

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Our IFoS - Results : 2013

IMS IFoS Successful Students

Congratulations to our Successful Students: IFoS-2013

IMS Secures All India IFoS Ranks: AIR-16, 29, 39, 72


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Congratulations to IMS Regular Classroom IFoS Students-2013

Our IAS Achievement's 2012:

IAS 2012 Successful Students Results