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With the emerging opportunities in the field of science and Tech, the importance of mathematics has become indispensable. Now-a-days mathematics is in use some way or the other in almost all dimensions of the human creativity. The increasing popularity of the said subject and its application has changed the system in manifold ways. Not with standing these positive aspects one thing that hampers the students which we call lack of guidance. The aspirants are the worst suffers of these short-comings.

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Final IFoS-2015 Mathematics(Opt.) : Successful Students Results

IMS Student Topped
All India 1st Rank IFoS-2015 Examination
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UPSC Final IFoS-2015 Mathematics(Opt.) : Successful Students Results
IAS/IFoS Mathematics(Opt) Batch Begins on 4th Mar.2016:

FREE WORKSHOP on 4th Mar.2016

IAS / IFoS 2016-17 Mathematics(Optional) New Batch Begins: on 4th Mar.2016

Mukerjee Nagar at 7:30 AM || Rajinder Nagar at 11:30 AM
Registration & Admissions are Open Read More

IAS / IFoS Mathematics (Online/Offline) Test-Series-Begins on 21st Feb,2016 :

IAS/IFoS Mathematics (Optional) Test Series Begins on 21st Feb,2016:

Rajendra Nagar: 10:00am to 1:00pm Mukherjee Nagar: 2:00pm to 5:00pm Ashok Nagar(Hyderabad): 2:00pm to 5:00pm

for IAS/IFoS Mathematics Test Series Schedule Click Here
IAS / IFoS 2014 Successful Students Messages :

Parth Jaiswal:
AIR-5 IFoS-2014 Examination & AIR-299 IAS-2014 Examination Read Now
Kumbhejkar Yogesh Vijay:
AIR-13 in IFoS-2014 Examination & AIR-143 in IAS-2014 Examination Read Now
Bhavesh Mishra:
AIR-58 in IAS-2014 Examination Read Now

Final Result - Civil Services Examination, 2014::

Record Breaking Results in IAS Mathematics Optional only from IMS(Institute of Mathematical Sciences) Congratulations to our Successful Candidates

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UPSC-IAS 2014 Paper-I & Paper-II Question Paper Solutions:

UPSC-IAS 2014 Paper-I & Paper II Question Paper Solutions Read Now

IFoS-2014 Successful Students Marks :

Our IFoS 2014 Suceessful Students Marks

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Results Announcement: Free CSAT-2015 Mock Test :

FREE CSAT Mock Test Held on 4-3-2015

AIR-5 in IFoS 2014 & AIR-299 IAS 2014:
AIR-13 in IFoS 2014 & AIR-143 IAS 2014 :
AIR-4 in IFoS 2014 & AIR-261 in IAS-2014:
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